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Mountain Pride Cleaning & Restoration Inc. Rates

All of our carpet cleaning is charged by the square foot. This is the only true way of measurement, and we are pleased to measure this way along with other reputable companies.

If you would like an estimate for carpet cleaning
, we would need to know the square footage of the rooms to be cleaned, and the type of clean you desire.

Typically, carpet accounts for about 60-75% of a home's square foot total even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting throughout.
If you want your entire home cleaned, and it is 2500 square feet, you will be glad to know that the carpet to be cleaned is actually much less. The amount of carpeting might only be 1500 square feet. In the case that you may have tile or hardwood flooring; your carpeted areas might even be less.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

TRAFFIC AREA CLEAN - this is our most popular type of clean. It is a detailed cleaning of the visible carpet. We will move only the small items such as: dining room chairs, floor lamps, and often the coffee table. Large pieces of furniture will not be moved. The carpet will be measured WALL to WALL, and the price per square foot reflects a discounted rate due to the other furniture in the room. 
Price per Square Foot .25 

- this clean allows our technician to move all the furniture we can and clean under as much as possible. We will not move items out of the room, but rather move them aside, clean underneath and replace them in their original location. Sofas, armchairs, loveseats etc. will all be moved. In some cases we will not move: king & bunk beds, large entertainment centers, china hutches, and oversized armoires. The carpet will also be measured WALL to WALL with the cost of the labor to move furniture factored into the square foot price. 
Price per Square Foot .40 

- this clean refers to a property that is unfurnished. This is a wall-to-wall cleaning of all the carpet in the property. No furniture should be present or the price will fluctuate. 
Price per Square Foot .30 

- All residential stairs are separate, and not included in any square foot measurement. Stairs are billed a flat rate per stair. This is a detailed cleaning of the step, and the riser. 
Average 3 foot step $2.00 each.  Larger than 3 feet is $1.00 per linear foot 

- Tile & grout, slate, natural stone, concrete and treated concrete. 
Price per Square Foot .75 

– applied to all carpet that has been cleaned. 
Price per Square Foot .12 

 - All clients are subject to our minimum charge of $125.00

Upholstery Cleaning Prices

SOFA - detailed cleaning, including: front, back, sides, arms, and all cushions. 
Price per Sofa $90.00 

 detailed cleaning, including: front, back, sides, arms, and all cushions. 
Price per Sectional $120.00 - $180.00 

 detailed cleaning, including: front, back, sides, arms, and all cushions. 
Price per Loveseat $70.00 

 detailed cleaning, including: front, back, sides, arms, and all cushions. 
Price per Armchair $45.00 

 detailed cleaning, including: front, back, and all sides. 
Price per Ottoman $25.00 

detailed cleaning, including: seat & back, sides, arm
Price per Chair $14.00 

 detailed cleaning, including: seat and back. 
Price per Stool $14.00 

All prices are based on standard size, with normal fabric. Some pieces could be priced higher depending on size, or fabric type. In this case, an estimate would be given.
Keep in mind that we do not clean leather.

Area Rug Cleaning

NATURAL FIBER AREA RUGS - area rugs that consist of a natural material, such as: Wool, Silk, Cotton. These rugs need to be cleaned with a more delicate solution, and with a lower water temperature. 
Price per Square Foot $2.00 

 area rugs consisting of a synthetic fiber are cleaned at a normal water temperature. Some common synthetic fibers can include: Polyester, Olefin, Nylon, 
Price per Square Foot $1.50 

 please add this price per square foot to the original type of area rug clean. This applies when we clean BOTH sides of the area rug 
Price per Square Foot .50 (additional)

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