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Customer Testimonials:

Mountain Pride is my only call when my rental units need their carpets cleaned.

Timely, reliable, professional are the words that come to mind when I think of Mountain Pride Carpet Cleaners.

- Bill Kullander
White Cloud Lodging

Mountain Pride Cleaners were fantastic. Not only were they VERY honest, dependable, compentent, thorough and efficient, but they made having a flood as easy as possible.

-Providence Frank
Dillon, Colorado

Fantastic! Ten year old filthy blinds cleaned up like new. Ultrasonic blind cleaning by Mountain Pride is the only way to clean blinds.

-Jim Wheeler
Tannhauser Lodging

Mountain Pride offers Ultrasonic blind cleaning for your fabric, plastic, metal and wood mini blinds. Blinds are picked up by us, professionally cleaned and re-hung. Same day service is available.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning is a method that entails dipping the blinds into a large machine filled with water/cleaning solution. The machine then releases thousands of micro bubbles; this ultrasonic technology is a gentle and thorough cleaning. This method of dipping ensures a thorough cleaning of headrails, slats, and cords.

Ultrasonic cleaning not only removes dust, smoke & grime from window blinds, but it also reduces static on the blinds that attracts dust. This allows the blind to stay cleaner longer.

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Certified Restorer
RIA Member
RIA Member