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Customer Testimonials:

Mountain Pride is my only call when my rental units need their carpets cleaned.

Timely, reliable, professional are the words that come to mind when I think of Mountain Pride Carpet Cleaners.

- Bill Kullander
White Cloud Lodging

Mountain Pride Cleaners were fantastic. Not only were they VERY honest, dependable, compentent, thorough and efficient, but they made having a flood as easy as possible.

-Providence Frank
Dillon, Colorado

Fantastic! Ten year old filthy blinds cleaned up like new. Ultrasonic blind cleaning by Mountain Pride is the only way to clean blinds.

-Jim Wheeler
Tannhauser Lodging

Mountain Pride offers the best in fabric protection. We highly recommend that after a professional carpet clean, a clear protectant be applied. A proper fabric protector will allow your carpet to look better and last longer. 3M ScotchGard™ is a fabric protector that initiates a negative ion charge to your carpet; this keeps dirt, dry soil, and spills alike from attaching themselves to the carpet fibers.

Proper application is the key to success. Once the carpet has been thoroughly cleaned, our trained technicians apply 3M Scotchgard™ with an electric sprayer to assure it is applied in a consistent manner. Once applied, our technicians evenly groom the carpet fibers to ensure all surfaces of the carpet yarn receive contact, as well proper distribution into the carpet.

Benefits of Fabric Protector

Protected carpet will repel spillage. You will be able to remove spills more effectively and you can avoid permanent staining. Many spills will “bead” on the carpet surface, rather than soaking in and will make cleanup a breeze.

Extend the life of your carpet by resisting dry soil. Dry soil is an abrasive, and once in contact with your carpet fibers, it will begin to wear and can cut your carpet fibers like a knife. When you vacuum your carpet pile, dry soil will remove from protected carpet much easier.

Having a protector applied will make your next professional carpet cleaning more effective. More dirt, dry soil and particles will be removed.

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Certified Restorer
RIA Member
RIA Member